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To keep your slicer and slicer blades in good condition and to ensure the cleanest, most accurate cuts, be sure to keep your Commercial Slicer properly maintained. The blades on your slicer will need to be reconditioned (resharpened) to keep them working at maximum efficiency. To order parts for your slicer please give us a call @ (888) 807-8090 or click here to be directed to our contact page.

20-7BM 26NS 34LG Vegetable Slicer

Reconditioning your Blades

Your blades are made of ΒΌ hard stainless steel and are factory set to your company’s specifications. Blades are French curve designed with a serrated edge (teeth) for the cleanest cut possible.

In time, your blades become damaged (e.g. – burrs, dents or absence of teeth) dramatically affecting your cut, causing the blades to grab and bruise your product. This can affect your products’ shelf life. To avoid these problems, your blades must be given the best of care.

Send your blades to us for reconditioning (resharpening) every 2-3 weeks ensuring you of always having sharp blades. This will guarantee your product will have the cleanest slice and most accurate cut, resulting in a fluffy, fresh product and a longer shelf life.

When in doubt, consult our office for your recommended reconditioning schedule. We can determine how often you should resharpen your blades based on the volume you produce daily or weekly. Preventive maintenance will ensure your customers the best product you can provide.

Remember! Your blades are the heart of your slicer and …Commercial Slicers is committed to providing you with the best service with a 24 hour turnaround.