Welcome to Commercial Slicers Co. sales and service providers of salad, slaw, sauerkraut and vegetable processing equipment. Our purpose is to provide the food industry with new slicers, slicer blades and a full range of Kibbey Machine compatible components. We believe that, once you have experienced our commitment to quality, service & reasonable price we will be the company for you.

About Our Company

“We began our careers in the food processing industry with Kibbey Machine over twenty years ago. Commercial Slicers Co. was established when we acquired all the original patterns from Kibbey, who developed one of the premier slicers over 50 years ago. These patterns, direct from Germany, provide our machines with 100% cutting surface. Our units feature 20″ vegetable slicer, two cup (model 34LG) and three cup (model 26NS) carrying arm styles. The cups are designed to push our product into the French curve designed blades with the serrated edged to reduce rolling. Our engineering staff developed Stainless Steel and Tenzaloy Aluminum units with Acetron gears and are committed to continue this research and development. In addition to our slicers we have developed a conveyor system to fit any line and a hydraulic Disc Changer for easier access and maintenance.” Test runs on our 20″ Vegetable Slicer had a waste test of only 5% while slicing onions.

Standard Features on our Slicer Machines

  • Two-sided feed capabilities
  • Funnel shape top hopper designed specifically for safety
  • Bottom deflector designed to slide or hinge
  • Customer specification to fit any conveyor, barrel wash or mix system
  • Stainless steel stand made to customer specifications including heavy duty locking wheels
  • Maintenance free and sanitary
  • Hopper see-through window
  • Control panel box is NEMA 4 stainless steel

To Our Customer

Commercial Slicers Co. has a commitment to quality work at reasonable prices. If you’re in the market for a new slicer or blades (new or reconditioned), we can accommodate you at a substantial savings. Call for our current prices. We look forward to serving you and your company. Be a part of the winning team, join us at Commercial Slicers Co.

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